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Get up to 10% discount
and free merch!

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How it works

The SOJUBAR rewards program consists of two components:
for every euro you spend, you will earn both XP and merch points. XP is associated with our tier system, while merch points are linked to our webshop.

Move up the levels

and get 10% off on your entire restaurant bill.

For every euro you spend at SOJUBAR, you’ll gain XP and move up the levels for amazing discounts in the restaurants.

There are 5 tiers in our program:
Sojulizer, Chicken Chingu, Bingsu Bae, Soju Star and Soju God.

Collected enough XP? You will then automatically advance to the next rank and receive up to a 10% discount on your entire bill!

Rank up and become a VIP!

€ 1 = 1 XP


0 - 99 XP

€ 1 = 10 points
no discount

Chicken Chingu

100 - 249 XP

€ 1 = 12 points
no discount

Bingsu Bae

250 - 499 XP

€ 1 = 15 points
2,5% discount

Soju Star

500 - 999 XP

€ 1 = 20 points
5% discount

Soju God

1000 XP >

€ 1 = 25 points
10% discount

Get merch points

For free merch

Earn merch points to redeem at the SOJUBAR webshop. In addition to XP, you’ll also earn merch points for every euro you spend at SOJUBAR. Starting from 10 merch points for every euro, and up to 20 merch points for every euro.

How does it work?

You can redeem your accumulated points with epic merch on our SOJUBAR Shop.
T-shirts, hoodies, sweaters  and more!

note: unlike the XP points, the shop points won’t expire.

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How to join?

Join us now!


Download the app

Our SOJUBAR Rewards app is available on Apple and Android.


Register on the app

Create an account in a few clicks. And you’re ready to earn XP and points!

Collect XP & points

Go to a SOJUBAR restaurant, enjoy your meal and before paying the bill, ask for the reward program and have your QR code scanned by one of our employees.


Frequently asked questions

Where can I earn XP and merch points?

You can earn XP and merch points at any SOJUBAR restaurant for every euro you spend, except for online take-out and delivery orders. However, you can earn points for take-out orders that are paid for in the restaurant.

Can I get XP and merch points for online orders?

Unfortunately not. You can only get XP and merch points for orders at the physical restaurants.

Can my XP expire?

Yes, your obtained XP will expire after 6 months. So to maintain a certain tier you have to keep the XP above a certain level.

Trainee: 0 – 99 XP
Debutant: 100 – 249 XP
Idol: 250 – 499 XP
Superstar: 500 XP >

Can my merch points expire?

No, unlike the XP, the merch points won’t expire after a certain timespan.

Can I transfer my XP and merch points?

No, the XP and merch points are connected to your personal account and can’t be transferred to another account.

Did you lost your login credentials? Please contact us: